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Oconomowoc Responds Community Resource Directory Submission Form

  1. The Oconomowoc Responds task force was formed to help the community address urgent needs related to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. In a May 2020 survey, Oconomowoc-area citizens identified a number of areas where help is needed and asked for more information about services available in the community and how they could help. This form is the first step in addressing the needs identified in the survey. We are asking non-profits and faith communities to share information to be published in a Community Services Directory on the City of Oconomowoc website. Please share this with any non-profit or faith-based organization that may wish to be included.
  3. Briefly describe your organization
    • What is your organization’s primary mission/activity in the community? • What makes your organization unique? • In what key ways do you help the community in addition to those listed?
  4. What types of individuals do you serve?
  5. For which of the following needs identified in our Community Survey (see link to results below) can you offer help?
    *Check all that apply
  6. Education & Technology
  7. Behavioral Health and Spiritual Support
  8. Family and Social Services
  9. Health and Wellness
  10. What resources are you looking for to help address these needs?
  11. How can community members best engage with you? (please provide details)
  12. Data contact for questions (not for publication)
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