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Bender Beach


  1. Boat Carry-In Launch
  2. Lifeguard Chairs
  3. Portable Toilet
  4. Swimming
  5. Trash Barrels

This is a small park with lake access. The site is located on the east shore of Lac La Belle in the north-central portion of the City. 

To provide a welcoming and family-friendly experience
 for all when visiting Bender Beach:

 Please respect our neighbors and their property
 Please respect our guests using the facility
 Please respect our facility by adhering to the
 following rules:
 •Consumption of Alcohol is not permitted
 •Use of Tobacco products are not permitted
 •Glass containers and grills are not permitted
 •Dogs are prohibited
 •Please do not feed the Waterfowl
 •Beach band required when no lifeguard is on duty
 -Per City Ordinances 21.04, 21.08, 21.09