COVID-19 / Coronavirus

City Facility & Community Services

Facility / Service Status Contact Information
Building Inspection Inspections & Enforcement as Needed 262-569-2195
City Hall Office Closed to Public

Open for Employees

City Meetings On as Needed Basis
Community Center Office Closed to Public
Finance Department Office Closed to Public Anything that was paid at the Finance Office in person
can now be done through the dropbox and by mail.

Utility payments can be done through dropbox, mail, online at PSN 

Taxes can be paid through the dropbox, mail, or online at Waukesha County Website (fee applies for credit card)
Garbage & Recycling As Normal Johns Disposal, 262-473-4700 or 888-473-4701
Library Closed to Public
Lake Country Municipal Court Office Closed to Public 262-569-0920

Citation payments may be made on their website,, by mail or left in the drop box.

Parks All playgrounds closed All park buildings, playgrounds, restrooms and portable toilets are now open. Parks and trails remain open; please use precautions when visiting. 
Police Lobby Open only for Emergencies 262-567-4401 (non-emergency)
9-1-1 (emergency)
Planning Office Closed to Public 262-569-2166
Jason Gallo, Zoning Administrator/City Planner,
Public Works Office Closed to Public

Municipal Yards are Closed
Mark Frye, Director,
Utilities Office Closed to Public

Utility Bill Payments

Dropbox at City Hall (St. Paul Street entrance), by mail or online at:
Wastewater Treatment - Sewer Calls Office Closed to Public Call 262-569-2192 for sewer back-up M-F 7:00-3:30 /
Call 262-567-4401 after hours and weekends
Western Lakes Fire District Buildings Closed to Public 262-567-8282 (non-emergency)
9-1-1 (emergency)

Healthcare Resources

Available 24 / 7 Screening & Resources
211 Hotline 211
Aurora Health Care 866-443-2584
ProHealth Care 262-928-4499
Medical College of Wisconsin
Waukesha County Public Health

Restaurants, Bars, and Businesses

Stay At Home Order #28 restrictions in place until May 26, 2020.

Wis. Stat. § 252.02(3) requires compliance with the following rules:

1.     Bars must remain closed at all times.  The City interprets this to mean the doors must be locked with no one but owner/employees on site.  Although “bar” is not defined in the order or state law, the city interprets that to mean any place with a Class B alcohol license that is NOT also one of the following:

o    A hotel

o    A restaurant (see #2 below for more details)

o    A combination grocery store and tavern

o    A combination novelty store and tavern

o    A bowling center or recreation premises

o    A club, society or lodge

o    A movie theater

o    A painting studio

2.     There are special rules for restaurants.  A restaurant is any place that has a restaurant license under Wis. Stat. 97.30, regardless of any other licenses it may have.  Anyone who is open may need to produce a restaurant license.  Here is how to distinguish between a bar and a restaurant:

o    A restaurant has a license to serve food and might have a license to serve alcohol.  It is still a restaurant with or without the alcohol license.

o    A bar only has a license to serve alcohol and does not have a license to serve food.

Restaurants may stay open, but only to provide take-out or delivery of food and carryout of alcohol under these circumstances:

o    No on-premises food or alcohol consumption

o    No more than 9 people indoors at one time, including employees

o    Everyone should remain 6 feet apart unless necessary to pay and receive product

o    If the restaurant has a Class B license, it can sell beer and wine in closed containers for carry out.

§  Beer sales can only occur between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.

§  Wine sales can only occur between 6 a.m. and 12 a.m.

§  No intoxicating liquor (other than wine) may be sold in closed containers

o    No buffets or self-service even for carryout/take-out

3.     Schools must close for instructional and extracurricular activities (starting at 5:00 p.m. on March 18). 

o    This includes all private and public schools of all ages.

o    The school may open for reasons unrelated to instruction or extracurriculars and need not comply with the 9-person limit if the purpose for opening is:

§  Medication pickup

§  Childcare services

§  Providing meals

§  Operating as a polling place

§  Similar high-need purposes

4.     No public or private place may have a gathering of 10 or more people.  This rule applies if 10 people are in a confined space or single room at the same time.  That means up to 9 people may occupy a single room as long as they practice social distancing (staying 6 feet apart from each other), but only 9 people may attend a movie in a large theater.  There is no limit for outdoor areas other than the social distancing rule that generally applies.  There are places that do not have to comply with the 9-person limitation and instead just need to maintain social distancing:

o    Mass transportation, including airports, busses, etc.

o    Childcare facilities

§  Limited to up to 10 paid or unpaid staff on site

§  Limited to up to 50 children on site.

§  Adults must practice social distancing at all times.

o    Hotels/Motels

o    Government offices

o    Food pantries

o    Homeless shelters and day centers

o    Any residential building or unit

o    Retail establishments (gas stations, auto repair, department stores, etc.) as long as:

§  It’s not an indoor shopping mall

§  People usually are not within arms’ length of each other for more than 10 minutes

o    Health care and treatment facilities

o    Any location operating as a polling place

o    Grocery stores

o    Convenience stores

o    Farmer’s markets

o    The following places of employment

§  Office spaces

§  Industrial/manufacturing/processing/distribution work spaces

§  Utilities

§  Job centers