Bike Oconomowoc

This webpage contains detailed information about bike routes in the Oconomowoc area. The webpage is a compliment to an Oconomowoc-area bike map that was published in summer of 2016.

You can pick up a copy of the map at the following locations:
  • Oconomowoc Community Center, 220 W. Wisconsin Ave.
  • City Hall, 174 E. Wisconsin Ave.
  • Oconomowoc Public Library, 200 W. South St.
  • Oconomowoc Area Chamber of Commerce, 175 E. Wisconsin Ave.

This overall map shows all routes that have currently been identified with the help of local organization, Greener Oconomowoc.

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All Spokes

Oconomowoc WI BIKE MAP All Spokes
Just like all spokes on a bicycle wheel meet at the center of the wheel, these "spokes" all lead to Oconomowoc's downtown where you will find racks to park your bike. While there you can explore and enjoy local businesses, area parks and attractions.

Below you'll find information on where the spokes end downtown. You can see icons for bike racks many of which are at nearby parks and downtown attractions like the Oconomowoc Community Center, Veterans Memorial Park and the Oconomowoc Public Library.

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Oconomowoc WI BIKE MAP Downtown
Oconomowoc WI BIKE MAP KEY
Turn by Turn Details and features
of individual spokes
Concord Spoke
The Concord Spoke starts at the Jefferson County line and provides access from the Town of Concord. The route terminates in downtown Oconomowoc at the Post Office parking lot. The 3.7-mile loop is by way of Morgan Road, Valley Road, Golden Lake Road, Concord Road and Second Street.

  1.  The route begins where Morgan Road intersects Valley Road (Highway B) and follows Valley Road east to the stop sign at Golden Lake Road.
  2. Go left on Golden Lake Road 1.4 miles to the intersection with Allen Road. Allen Road provides an alternate link to the Concord Spoke from Jefferson County Highways F and E.
  3. Before it gets to Allen Road, Golden Lake Road's name has been changed to Concord Road. Continue on Concord .7 mile beyond Allen to the fire station at Second Street. Here the Concord Spoke meets the LaBelle Spoke, with links to Ixonia and Watertown.
  4. Turn right on Second Street and take it to where it intersects with Franklin Street. One half block beyond the intersection, turn left through the underpass beneath the railroad tracks. You are just across South Street from the parking lot behind the Oconomowoc Post Office. The Oconomowoc Public Library is to your left and the Oconomowoc Community Center and the Village Green park are within easy walking distance.
Red_Concord spoke

LaBelle East and West Spokes

The two Lac LaBelle Spokes (east and west) can be used to arrive at downtown Oconomowoc, or by combining them, to make a loop around the lake with scenic views and the many beautiful homes surrounding it. Cars cannot completely circle Lac LaBelle, but pedestrians and cyclists can. Both LaBelle Spokes begin at the intersection of Lang Road and Pennsylvania Street.

Routing to downtown for Lac LaBelle East Spoke:

  1. Go south on Pennsylvania Street to the entrance to Monastery Hill. At that point, Pennsylvania becomes Lac LaBelle Drive. Continue on Lac LaBelle Drive as it bends east along the lake shore. At the point where a barricade stops cars, go around it and continue on the Drive.
  2. Lac LaBelle Drive meets North Lake Road (formerly Highway 67) at a "T" intersection with a stop sign. Turn right on Lake Road which will bring you to the Village Green and the Fowler Lake parking lot in 1.7 miles.

Routing to downtown for Lac LaBelle West Spoke:

  1. Go south on Pennsylvania Street to the entrance to Monastery Hill and turn right. Just beyond the gatehouse, turn right on Monastery Hill Lane. Continue where the lane becomes a footpath and bends right along the Lac LaBelle shoreline.
  2. Continue on Lac LaBelle Drive until it intersectswith Mary Lane and turn left. Follow Mary Lane to Wisconsin Avenue, which has a good, wide shoulder.
  3. Go left on Wisconsin to Marks Road and turn right. The intersection of Marks and Reddelein Road is the link to Ixonia.
  4. Go left on Reddelein Road. After crossing the railroad tracks, take the first left on Chaffee, which twists and turns a bit and becomes Second Street. The intersection of Second Street with Concord Road is a link with the Concord Spoke.
Green_La Belle East Spoke
Orange_La Belle West Spoke

Nature Hill Spoke

This spoke starts at Nature Hill Park. The hiking trails around the hill and to the top provide stunning views of Oconomowoc. The 2.1 mile route is by way of Lapham Street, Washington Street, Oakwood Street and Pleasant Street.

Routing to downtown for Nature Hill Spoke:

  1. Go south on Lapham Street. The first stop sign is Lake Street. Going left on Lake is the link to Stone Bank, North Lake and the Bug Line Trail.
  2. For downtown, continue south on Lapham Street to the intersection with Washington Street and turn right, to where Washington intersects Oakwood Street. Turn left on Oakwood. As you go south on Oakwood, Fowler Park, with a bike rack, playground and restrooms, is on your right.
  3. Continue on Oakwood over the bridge and turn right on Pleasant Street. One block on Pleasant Street brings you to the Fowler Lake parking lot, behind City Hall and the police station.
Brown_Nature Hill Spoke

Dousman Spoke

The Dousman Spoke starts on Dousman Road near the I-94 overpass. This 3.7-mile route ends at the parking lot behind the Post Office. Routing is on Dousman Road, Valley Road, Silver Cedar Road, the Lake Country Trail and Franklin and Second Streets. The Village of Dousman is south of the starting point on Dousman Road and features the Glacial Drumlin Trail that runs from Waukesha to suburban Madison.

Routing to downtown for Dousman Spoke:
  1. Proceed north on Dousman Road. Turn left on Valley Road (Highway B). Turn right on Silver Cedar Road to the Lake Country Trail.
  2. The link to Silver Lake School is where the Lake Country Trail crosses Oconomowoc Parkway.
  3. Follow the Lake Country Trail north to Imagination Station playground in Roosevelt Park. The park has parking, the playground and restrooms.
  4. Continue north from Imagination Station/Roosevelt Park to the Lake Country trailhead in the park. The street going straight ahead is Franklin Street. Follow Franklin Street north to where it forms "T" intersection with Second Street, which is the link to spokes from Concord, Ixonia, Watertown and Allen Road.
  5. Turn right on Second Street and go a 1/2 block and turn left to a passage under the railroad tracks. Directly across South Street is the parking lot behind the Post Office. The Library is just to your left and you're in easy walking distance to the Oconomowoc Community Center and the Village Green.
Purple_Dousman Spoke

Highway 67 Spoke

This spoke, from I-94 to the railroad station parking lot, is mainly along an off-road paved path to the west side of Highway 67 (Summit Avenue).
The path is currently under construction and scheduled for full completion in 2017. North of Thackeray Trail sidewalks and bike lanes are available on and along Summit Avenue.
Just after the Armour Road intersection, the road narrows and a left turn is recommended on George Street. The route continues on residential streets to bike racks in the downtown south municipal parking lot. The 3.7-mile route is by way of a path along Summit Avenue, George Street, Jefferson Street, Luther, Main and Cross streets.

Routing to downtown:
1. The planned walking and biking path is on the west side of Summit Avenue (Highway 67). Proceed north 0.7 miles to Pabst Farms Centre shopping area.
2. Pabst Farms Centre has parking, restaurants and groceries are available in this area. Continue north 1/2 mile to the Oconomowoc Parkway.
3. Just cross over the Oconomowoc Parkway and continue north to the intersection of Summit Avenue and Thackeray Trail.
4. The off-road trail ends at Thackeray (the north end of the Whitman Park shopping center). Continue north 0.7 miles past Oconomowoc Memorial Hospital to Armour Road.
5. Just a 1/2 block takes you left on George Street and in another 1/2 block take a right on Jefferson Street. Continue 0.4 miles across Silver Lake Street to State Street.
6. Take a right on State Street and your first left on Luther Avenue. Then take your first right onto Main Street and go one block north to Cross Street - 0.3 miles total.
7. Take a right on Cross Street and you will end in the south parking lot which has bike racks.
Blue_Highway 67 spoke