Refuse and Recycling

Refuse & Recycling

Recycling will be picked up first and then refuse. Refuse could be later in the afternoon, depending on traffic. Again we suggest carts be out by 6am, if not the night before.

Johns Disposal is the City's hauler with two carts for your property: one 64 gallon for refuse and one 96 gallon for recycling.  Refuse will be collected every week and recycling will be collected every other week. 

View Informational Brochure here.


* Your old blue recycle bin can be placed in the NEW recycle cart for disposal or marked for removal and placed at the curb for pick up.

Refuse/Recycling Pickup Days

Some adjustments to the refuse/recycling pickup days have been changed for the properties along the south side of the railroad tracks and to the east side of Summit Ave.  Their collection day will change from Tuesday to Wednesday. Johns Disposal will be providing notification to the affected properties of this change in the informational packet when the carts are delivered.  See the attached refuse/recycling collection calendar or map.

Assistance Form for the

Physically Unable 

To assist persons who are unable to bring their carts to the curb due to handicap, disability, or age the City has set up a program to help these residents get their refuse and recycling collected.  Qualified residents will have their carts wheeled from outside their home to the curb and then back to their home by the refuse hauler.  To see if you qualify, download the attached forms and follow the instructions or contact the City at 262-569-2189.  Physically Unable Form

Residents will be required to bring the new carts to the curb on their refuse and recycling days.  Extra bags that are outside the carts will not be taken.  It is okay if the lid is propped open by refuse bags and does not close all of the way.

 Plastic Bags should not be used for recyclables at any time. 

 Each household is allowed one bulky item per week to be collected.
  If you have more than one bulk item to be collected in a week, you can request a "special pick-up" for an extra charge by calling Johns Disposal. 

Special Pick-Up Cost is at current rate - call Johns Disposal for rate.
 Bulky items are defined as: 

  • Furniture (this includes metal desks and storage  cabinets
  • Piano or organ
  • Appliances
  • Sinks, concrete laundry tub, cast iron plumbing fixture
  • Window or door
  • Large toy
  • Up to 4 auto or pickup tires per customer each calendar month,  with rims removed
  • Bicycles
  • Completely dismantled swing set
  • Lawn mower or snow blower (no gas or oil inside)
  • Any item (other than lumber) that can be cut or broken down meeting the following conditions: No longer than 6 feet in length, weighing no more than 50 pounds
  • Tied rolls of carpeting meeting the following conditions: Not larger than 12 inches in diameter, no longer than 6 feet in length, not weighing more than 50 pounds
  • Up to 5 securely tied bundles of lumber under the following conditions: Not larger than 18 inches in diameter, no longer than 4 feet in length, weighing no more than 50 pounds, free of nails or with nails bent over   
  • Items NOT included in bulky pickup: TV's, computers and other electronics.
  • The carts are owned by Johns Disposal and must stay with the property.  

 Johns Disposal  262-473-4700 or 888-473-4701