Facts & Figures


  • Very few chemicals, at minimal volumes, are used in the process.
  • Over 36 billion gallons of wastewater have been treated since the plant was put on line in June, 1977.
  • The average daily volume treated at the plant is 2.4 million gallons. (approximately 3.6 olympic sized swimming pools)
  • The maximum daily volume treated was 12.334 million gallons on June 8, 2008.
  • The sludge digestion process produces 30,000-50,000 cubic feet of digester gas each day. This gas is utilized to maintain the digestion process and provides all of the fuel required to heat the Solids Handling Building and the Biosolids Pumping Building.
  • The Wastewater Treatment Facility contains an on-site laboratory where extensive daily testing of wastewater from various treatment stages is conducted.
  • The Wastewater Treatment Facility is periodically used as a research center and has hosted visiting engineers and municipal officials from all over the world.
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