Street Construction

Street Construction - Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

As part of our Capital Improvements Program, the City of Oconomowoc intends to complete   a variety of street and infrastructure improvements this year
  • New asphalt pavement
  • Removal and replacement of some or all sections of curb and gutter
  • Driveway approaches
  • Spot replacement or new sidewalks as well as ramps at the crosswalks
  • Repairs or replacement of the underground utilities
  • Restoration of lawns and terrace areas 



2020 Street Construction 

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Full Reconstruct

  • Forest Street from S. Main Street to Stadium Drive
Roosevelt Park Parking Lot

  • From S. Main Street to west end of parking lot
New Construction
  • Thackeray Trail from St. Jerome's Church (Silver Lake Street) to current dead-end of Thackeray Trail west of Emerson Drive
Pulverize and Overlay Streets
  • Frederick Court from Westover Street to cul-du-sac
  • Crystal Lake Road from Lake Bluff Drive to Parkview Drive
  • Bartlett Drive from York Imperial Drive to Duchess Drive/Court
  • Duchess Drive from Jonathan Drive to Duchess Court
  • West Beach Road from Summit Avenue to 300' N. of N. Southwood Avenue
  • Marks Road from Frontier Road to 300 feet east of Winter Lane
New Storm Sewer

  • Westover Street from Oak Street to Forest Street
  • Oak Street from Elizabeth Street to Westover Street
Multi-Use Paths (8' asphalt) including 5' public sidewalk on opposite side of street

  • Schumacher Street from Whalen Drive to cul-du-sac
  • Whalen Drive from Schumacher Street to current dead-end

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