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Oconomowoc Water Utility Operators Dennis Stair and Tony Stangler (pictured below, 3rd & 4th from left) participated in the 2016 Hydrant Hysteria event, which is a new Water Operator skill based event to demonstrate the crews ability to completely assemble a disassembled hydrant, in the fastest time possible, with time deductions for various criteria.

Dennis and Tony took 2nd place (out of six teams) and overall had the fastest time of the day (in first time trial) = 1 minute 41 seconds

HH 2016 Competitors
HH 161 setup
HH 165 setup2
HH Action1
HH Action2
July 13, 2015 water in the street indicated that a water main break had occurred on Grove Street.  Oconomowoc Water Department crews arrived on scene and located the general area of the broken pipe.  While digging up the street to gain access to the broken water main, a shoring box was placed as a safety precaution against the hole collapsing while repair work was being done.  A clamp was added to the point of the break and the leak was considered repaired. 
Locating the break
Place the shoring box
Positioning the shoring box
Clamping the break
Oconomowoc Utilities Electric, Water and Office Staff take a moment to enjoy and promote National Library Week in April of 2015
Utilities National Library Week 1
Water Main Breaks on January 9, 2014.  

One break occurred on Jefferson Street between Worthington and Franklin (pictured below).  Outside temperatures while repair work was being started read -14F at 8am.  Repair work completed around 2pm.  Temps had "warmed" by then to around +20F.
Main Break 1.9.14  1.jpg
Main Break 1.9.14  2.jpg
Another more serious main break occurred on Lisbon Road near Pine Terrace.  The size of the break was more substantial than that on Jefferson Street.  Crews again were on scene by 8am to repair the damage and made sure traffic was re-routed via a detour to avoid issues with ice until the repair was complete and the road safely salted.  Images below show the work in progress.
Main Break 1.9.14  4.jpg
Above:  Excavation of the road to gain access to the break
Main Break 1.9.14  3.jpg
What the break looks like once "uncovered"
Main Break 1.9.14  5.jpg
Close up of a main break