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  Crime Stoppers


Crime Stoppers pays cash rewards to those anonymous citizens who give information regarding a person or persons responsible for a given crime. These rewards range from $25 to $1000 after an arrest, depending on the severity and importance of the crime solved.

Crime Stoppers Mission: to solve and prevent crimes in our area by working with Waukesha-area residents, local law enforcement agencies and media partners.

How you can help: If you have information about a crime, submit an anonymous tip. You can also support Crime Stoppers by making a donation that helps fund our cash rewards.
  • When a call is received by Crime Stoppers it is logged with the date, time and a brief summary of the caller's information. Each caller is given a secret code number which is used for all follow-up contact.
  • If the caller's information results in the arrest and the filing of a criminal charge against a suspected criminal offender or the apprehension of a fugitive, arrangements will be made so that the person can receive a CASH of up to $1000 reward and still remain anonymous.

Tip Cash School Program:

The Tip Cash Program gives rewards up to $50 for Drugs, Alcohol, Weapons or major Criminal Damage to Property that result in an arrest or citations from local schools.

The Tip Cash School Program is one of our most important programs that contribute to the safety in our schools. The school liaison or school resource officer will decide how much to pay for the reward, up to $50. Through our Tip Cash program the school liaison or school resource officer give students who assist in providing tips about criminal activity a prompt monetary reward. We have removed drugs and weapons from our schools, prevented acts of violence or apprehended individuals involved in the acts of violence that have already occurred, and have been able to assist the school district in removing the students involved in those activities from the student body.