About Us

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The City of Oconomowoc Water Utility was established when the first well was installed in 1899, and has been supplying safe drinking water to its residents since then.

Today, we supply an average of 1,800,000 gallons per day to 5347 homes and businesses. This water comes from six wells and is delivered to your tap through approximately 95 miles of underground pipe. Our system has 2,000,000 gallons of storage capacity via four elevated storage tanks, and another 283,000 gallons of underground storage. 

A Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system controls our wells and booster pumps, and maintains an average pressure of 60 pounds per square inch (psi) throughout the city
Fire protection is provided by the more than 1,117 hydrants in Oconomowoc. Water Department crews maintain the hydrants with periodic flushing, typically in spring and fall. Installation of new hydrants is handled by the Water Department crews as well.
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All of our water operators are licensed in Groundwater and Distribution by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, and have varying years of experience.

We perform all distribution system repairs, hydrant repairs, meter maintenance, water treatment / sampling / and testing, and many other functions of the industry.

Want to know more about a career in the Water Utility?  Click here for information from the US Department of Labor & Statistics.
Oconomowoc is proud of its water rates being some of the lowest in the Waukesha County area and the State of Wisconsin. The City of Oconomowoc was the first municipality to become “Green Certified” in the State of Wisconsin, and maintains membership in The Wisconsin Rural Water Association and the Wisconsin Water Works Association, both of which provide continuing education / training for our operators.