Tree Planting & Requests

Thank you for your interest in trees!

Whether you want to plant street trees in front of your home or donate a tree to the city, the Oconomowoc Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department has several options for planting trees.

The Forestry Division typically plants in the spring and the fall.
Street tree planting locations will be marked with pink Parks and Forestry flags.

* Please note: If you download a tree form from any of the options below it will be come a fill-able pdf so that you may type in your information before submitting it to the Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department.
Donate a Tree

Donate a tree to be planted in a park

Donate for Arbor Day, in recognition or as a memorial for someone or for your organization and business. This lasting gift to our parks remains year after year for all to enjoy.

Donation form.

Would you like a street tree planted in the city right-of-way at your property?

You have options.
1. Get on the waitlist for a free tree.
2. Pay 50% to be moved to the top of the waitlist.
3. Pay the full cost of a tree to be planted.

City staff will coordinate and plant the tree for you if you select one of these options.

Fill out this form to get started.
Street Tree Recommended Species List

Plant Your Own Street Tree
Permit Required

You are welcome to plant your own tree.
To plant your own tree, you must fill out this form and schedule an appointment with Parks and Forestry Superintendent Bryan Spencer, 262-569-2180.

Please Read - Tree Planting Guidelines

If you have any questions about tree planting, please contact Bryan Spencer at (262) 569-2180 or email him at