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Oconomowoc Electric Utility, located at 808 S. Worthington Street, is one of the 2,200 public power systems nationwide.  As a non profit Utility, we are committed to providing our customers with the most reliable service at the lowest price.  We do this by sharing resources with other local utilities who all co-own a non profit power company, WPPI Energy.  Through WPPI Energy we purchase low cost electricity for our community and take advantage of the latest technologies to better serve your needs.
To provide the most reliable service to you, Oconomowoc Electric Utility employs about 25 people, including Electric Linemen who service and maintain the electric distribution lines in and around Oconomowoc.  These critical members of our team are on call 24/7 making sure your power stays on.  To learn more about what an Electric Lineman does or if you're interested in a career as an Electric Lineman, click here for information from the US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Oconomowoc Electric Utility is proud to be able to provide valuable services including approximately 235,000 kW hours of electricity annually to the Oconomowoc community. In order to provide these services to the City, Oconomowoc Electric Utility maintains more than 300 miles of distribution lines. We service over 8700 meters that channel those 235,000 kW hours. Our electrical system is continually being maintained and upgraded as we replace old poles, transformers and worn out wire. Our upgrades include moving towards a 24,940 volt system that will provide consistent, reliable power for future growth, whether residential, commercial or industrial.

As a citizen of Oconomowoc and a customer of Oconomowoc Utilities you are part owner of our community's utility company. Because we are municipally owned you have a voice in the way we do business. A 3-person utility committee appointed by the Common Council decides how to operate Oconomowoc Utilities. The local representation and control is the hallmark of public power - local people working together to meet local needs.
We strive to provide not only low cost power to our community but outstanding customer service as well. If you have any questions or comments about our organization, please contact us at 262-569-2196