Peddlers / Solicitors

Peddler’s / Solicitor’s License
It shall be unlawful for any transient merchant to engage in sales within the city without being registered for that purpose. A peddler / solicitor application requires proof of a Wisconsin seller's permit. Licenses require Police Department approval. License shall be issued by the city clerk.

Licenses shall be valid for one year from date of application. The fee is $100 and $20 for background checks for each individual. A license application can include up to three individuals per license fee.

License Application Information
Background checks are required.  The fee is $20.

A transient merchant is any individual who engages in the retail sale of merchandise at any place in this state temporarily, and who does not intend to become and does not become a permanent merchant of such place. Sale of merchandise includes a sale in which the personal services rendered upon or in connection with the merchandise constitutes the greatest part of value for the price received, but does not include a farm auction sale, the sale of produce or other perishable products at retail, or wholesale by a resident of this state.