Grease Trap Monitoring Program

Wastewater Treatment Facility Grease Interceptor Program

The Oconomowoc Wastewater Treatment Facility grease trap monitoring program was instituted in April, 1994. All establishments serving food including bars, restaurants, bowling alleys, nursing homes, schools, churches, grocery stores, and hospitals were contacted. We currently monitor 73 food service facilities (click here for restaurant log) and 24 car washes, automotive and boat repair shops, and industrial facilities (click here for garage log).
Reminder letters are sent in late December and reports are due annually on January 31st for the previous calendar year. Per section 13.56 of the Municipal Code, Grease Trap Installations, we require maintenance records indicating emptying, cleaning, and repairs.
Upon receipt, staff analyzes reports to determine if frequency of pumping and cleaning is adequate. Personal inspections are made when back-ups occur or we have reason to believe the information supplied to us is inaccurate.

Per ordinance, fines of $250 per day may be assessed after March 1st for failure to submit the required report, until the Operations Manager receives it.