Water Service Emergencies

If you see water bubbling up out of the street or flowing down the street, it could indicate a broken water main. To report a broken water main or a broken fire hydrant, please call (262) 569-2196 during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 6:45am to 4 pm) or (262)569-3255 after 4 pm and weekends. In addition, if you have a leaking / broken pipe in your yard, home or business, please use the numbers above.

Water Service Repairs
The utility owns and maintains the water service from the water main up to and including the shut off valve located in front of your property. The homeowner is responsible for the water lateral from the shut off valve into the dwelling and includes the repair / replacement of the valves located on each side of the water meter. The utility is responsible for the maintenance of the water meter.

If the replacement of a valve(s) is required in your residence or business, please contact the Water Department at (262) 569-3199 to have your shut off valve located and operated in your yard. The department will operate the curb stop valve to make sure that it is operational. Your curb stop valve will be marked with blue paint / blue flag. They will then contact you with verification that it is functional, and at that time you can coordinate with your plumber to make the necessary repairs. The plumber should contact the water utility to have the water shut off at the curb stop valve, and under no circumstances, should they operate the utilities valve. There is no fee for the utility to perform this service. Please keep in mind, that it is advisable to operate your valves at least once per year, as this helps in keeping them operational, and should your valves need service, winter is not the best time of the year to accomplish that.

Water Main Flushing
Water main flushing is performed 2 times per year, typically in April through May, and September through October. The water main flushing program is designed to remove natural minerals that sometimes collect on the bottom of the water mains. The flushing program may cause red or cloudy water, and sometimes low pressure. This mineralized water is not harmful to a person’s health, but it may cause rust stains on light or colored laundry.

Please contact Oconomowoc Utilities if you have any questions or concerns at (262) 569-2196.