Get to know your Mayor:

Two-year term effective: April 21, 2022 - April 19, 2024

 Mission Statement


·    To enhance the quality of life in Oconomowoc by providing leadership, vision, and services to the community, and to effectively accomplish the goals, and policies with the cooperation from the Common Council.

·     To determine the most efficient financial way to provide quality services expected by our citizens.

·     To  be a resource and support to all departments in assisting them in achieving their missions.


  • Achieve a thriving and broad based economy
  • Create a functional, dynamic, and sustainable City
  • Enhance and protect the City’s natural environment
  • Operate a safe, healthy, and attractive City


  • Promote an aesthetically pleasing city
  • Promote Oconomowoc as a great place to live, work, and play
  • Provide quality services accessible to all
Primary Responsibilities
  • Acting as the presiding officer at Common Council meetings
  • Chairing and participating in committees and commissions
  • Executing all municipal financial and contractual obligations
  • Fulfilling the chief executive officer responsibilities and exercising all of the executive powers on behalf of the municipality
  • Making appointments to the City’s committees and commissions
  • Overseeing implementation of various city events and programs
  • Providing liaison services to local, county, state, and national elected officials as well as local civic organizations
  • Responding to citizen concerns
  • Serving as lead policymaker and providing recommendations for implementation