Apparatus at Station 1




2005 Pierce Enforcer
750 Gallon Tank
1500 GPM Pump
TNT Rescue Tools
Planned Replacement 2030

4761 is a rescue engine designed to handle a wide array of situations. It is first due on vehicle crashes, gas leaks, and other non-fire related incidents. It serves as a support to 4762 on fire scenes.
1996 Pierce Freightliner
1000 Gallon Tank
1250 GPM Pump
Planned Replacement 2017

4762 is equipped to mitigate fire-related incidents. It is first due on any emergency where smoke and flames are present.




1997 Pierce Lance
100ft Aerial Platform
300 Gallon Tank
1500 GPM Pump
Planned Replacement 2022

4771 is a 100 foot ladder truck outfitted for rescue operations. It is second out on most structure fires. At an officers discretion, it may be first due to respond on multistory structures. 4771 is equipped with a pump and an aerial master stream.
2008 International 4300
Planned Replacement 2015

4751 is the first out ambulance for the Oconomowoc Fire Department. It is equipped with supplies to manage patients at an IV-Tech level. If Paramedic level care is required, 4751 has a set of Paramedic bags that contain advanced medications and equipment to manage these patients. This equipment is supplied by Lake Country Fire and Rescue to assist the Oconomowoc Fire Department in becoming a Paramedic Level EMS provider. The Oconomowoc Fire Department plans on moving to this level of care within the next 3-5 years.




New 4781.JPG
2004 International 4300
Planned Replacement 2023

4752 will handle any second ambulance calls. when 4751 is out on an EMS call, and another comes in, 4752 will be dispatched. It is equipped to manage patients at an IV-Tech level. If advanced care is needed, a paramedic intercept is requested from Lake Country Fire and Rescue.
2012 Ford F350 Super Duty
175 Gallon Skid Unit
Planned Replacement 2027
4781 is the front line grass fire vehicle. It is outfitted with a pump capable of flowing foam from a booster reel or several flat loads of forestry hose.




1993 Ford F350
Utility Vehicle
Planned Replacement 2016

4784 is the old 4781 and has been re-purposed as a utility truck for fire inspections, errands, and hauling hoses and equipment. During the winter it is equipped with a plow.
2011 Ford Expedition
Utility Vehicle
Planned Replacement 2027
4786 is mainly utilized for Fire Inspections and errands. Many times this vehicle direct responds to calls while around the City, thus is it equipped with supplies to manage an incident while additional personnel are en route.




2003 GMC Sierra
RIC Response Vehicle/Utility Vehicle
Planned Replacement 2019

4787 is primarily used as the RIC response vehicle. It has many tools that most firetrucks have, minus the pump and hose. This vehicle will respond not only to emergencies in the City of Oconomowoc, but also calls outside the city to assist other fire departments. Likewise, when the City of Oconomowoc Fire Department requires assistance, area departments will send vehicles to the city.
2009 Polaris ATV
Grass Fire and EMS ATV
Planned Replacement 2019

4788 is an ATV used to get into hard to reach places that many other vehicles cannot. It has a pump to flow water on grass fires, and a special harness to secure an injured patient for transport to the ambulance.


1993 Mack MS300 Tender
2000 Gallon Tank
Planned Replacement 2015

4791 is used when a fire is reported in an area of Oconomowoc without fire hydrants. In these cases, the fire department must bring its own water. 4791 is also capable of pumping.