Western Lakes Dive Team Equipment




2003 Ford E-450
Dive Truck
Planned Replacement 2023

4789 is the dive teams truck that is taken to any dive call the Western Lakes Dive Team is called to. In this vehicle there is all of the underwater breathing apparatus and equipment needed to remove people from open or ice covered water. There are also maps of the surrounding lakes and bodies of water.
1980 Dive Boat
20ft, 140 HP

4799 is the dive teams boat used to access areas of lakes that would be difficult to reach from the shore. The boat is used to cut down time and increase safety of locating and removing patients from the water. The dive boat is rotated from the police boat.


2000 Dive Boat
18ft. 150 HP
Planned Replacement 2020

4798 is the dive teams secondary response boat. The boat is used in conjunction with 4799 to cover a larger area of water in a shorter amount of time.