Special Services

Rapid Intervention Crew (RIC)
The Western Waukesha Rapid Intervention Crew (WWR) is a group of specially trained firefighters from Oconomowoc, Dousman, Stone Bank, and Lake Country fire departments. The Oconomowoc portion of the team consists of 12 members. RIC team members train together once a month and operate as one unit at the fire scene. They train and provide specialized techniques to remove incapacitated or unconscious firefighters from a burning building.
RIC Team 1.JPG
RIC Team 2.JPG
Western Lakes Dive Team
The Western Lakes Dive Team is a group of divers from Dousman and Oconomowoc fire departments. Divers train once a month on the search, rescue, and recovery of patients in the water. The team responds to both open water and ice covered lakes for emergency responses. The dive team also trains with the city lifeguards. Oconomowoc contributes 12 members to the team.
Dive Team 1.JPG