Resident Help Center

  1. Apply for a Job

    Find current job opportunities with the city.

  2. Animal Services

    Find information about animal adoption, licensing, and lost pets.

  3. Change My Address

    Review information about how to change your address.

  4. City Hall Hours

  5. Contact Staff

    Find contact information for all city department staff.

  6. Find Businesses

    Explore a directory of all businesses located in Oconomowoc.

  7. Street Construction

    Discover how to stay up-to-date with road closures located in the city.

  8. Get on a Committee / Commission or Board

    Take a step toward finding out how to apply to be on a city committee, commission, or board.

  9. Pay Citation

    Obtain information about how to pay a citation with the city.

  10. Payment Methods- Taxes / Utilities

    Use this information to learn how to pay taxes and utility bills with the city.

  11. Parking Map

    City of Oconomowoc Downtown Parking Map

  12. Read City News

    Read through all the latest city news.

  13. Register to Vote

    Learn how to register to vote in the next city election.

  14. Report a Problem

    Access information on how to report a problem to the city.

  15. View City Events

    Read through all the latest city events.

  16. View City Maps

    View all the latest city maps.

  17. Visit City Attractions

    Gain information about the all of Oconomowoc's attractions around the city.

  18. Yard Waste Schedule